Oren Cohen

How to Become a Paid Writer on Medium.com

Want to get paid on Medium but don't know where to begin? Join me for a free 5-day email course and learn how to make money writing on Medium.

  • Earn money writing what you like.
  • Learn to master Medium's Editor.
  • Format Gloriously.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Avoid Curation pitfalls.
  • Join publications.


"This was a great course with some very valuable information.
Oren will also answer any of your queries promptly and in a most helpful manner.
Highly recommended!" - James Moynihan
"As a beginner on Medium, I think that this course is a useful starting point to help me navigate around the website and learn about its key features. There is an immense amount of detail about the Medium Editor so if you are unsure about any aspect of it, this course will definitely provide you with some guidance. I also learned about how to make money beyond the Medium Partnership Program. The tips about how to generate ideas for your articles can definitely help me to build a better writing habit. There is also lots of super useful information about how to increase your chances of getting your article curated, and how to submit to Medium Partnered publications." - Feima Sannoh
"I absolutely loved going through the course on Medium that Oren offers. I found the lesson on formatting very helpful, and used it to go back and edit some of my previous articles. After taking this course and applying what I learned, my next three articles were all curated. I appreciate that he took the time to put this together, and I recommend it to everyone who is just starting their Medium journey, or wants to improve upon what they already know. Thanks, Oren!" - Rachel Sample

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